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Monday, 13 June 2011 20:07

Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation Announces 2011 Grant Recipients

For Immediate Release

June 6, 2011                                                     

Community Foundation Selects Broad Array of Local Charities for its 2011 Awards


The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation, a community foundation serving Glynn, McIntosh and Camden counties, recently announced its 2011 competitive grant awards. Twenty-one proposals were received, representing requests totaling nearly $90,000.  Of these, fourteen local nonprofits were recommended by a committee comprised of both board and non-board representatives from all three counties who reviewed the proposals, governance information, and financials that nonprofits submitted in early spring.  The full board voted on the committee recommendations at its June board meeting and designated $50,000 for awards.


“The committee spent quality time discussing the individual proposals and weighing them against community needs and our focus areas of nonprofit capacity building and education/literacy,” explained community foundation chair Rees Sumerford. “In the end, the full board was very pleased with the committee recommendations which included four from McIntosh County, eight from Glynn and two from Camden.  There was also good diversity among categories such as social service agencies, arts and culture groups, and programs for both adults and youth. 


 “Many donors hesitate to give for technology needs or staff and board development, preferring to give only to tangible programs,” added foundation director Lee Owen.  “You can’t run a successful nonprofit, however, without a strategic plan, an engaged, informed, and passionate board, and modern computers and communication tools.

 2011 Grants Recipients:


America’s Second Harvest                                                               $4,000

To improve website and update social networking tools


Bryan-Lang Foundation                                                                    $3,000

For strategic plan and board development


Camden Community Crisis Center                                                   $5,000

For technology upgrades and training


CASA Glynn                                                                                      $2,500

Training for Executive Director and staff


Communities In Schools of Glynn County                                       $4,400

Professional development of Executive Director and new staff


Ferst Foundation of Glynn                                                                $2,000

Literacy – books provided to children 0-5


Grace House of Brunswick, Inc.,                                                      $3,000

Creation of a learning lab for on-site computer skills training


McIntosh Art Association                                                                 $2,400

Educational outreach during summer and fall for children 4-12


McIntosh Family Connection                                                            $4,000

Technology and equipment upgrades


McIntosh Sustainable Environment and Economic

Development (SEED)                                                                        $4,700

Project Y.E.L.L. – leadership and life-skills building program

for youth


Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter                                                        $3,000

Technology upgrades for new program        


Southeast Youth Development Academies                                      $5,000

Beyond the Horizon literacy program


STAR Foundation                                                                              $2,000

Technology upgrade/laptop


YMCA – McIntosh                                                                            $5,000

Implementation of a health management lab and

“Activate America” program


The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation is one of some 800 community foundations in the United States.  With a mission to increase the quality of life in coastal Georgia by attracting named funds and making philanthropic grants to the area’s nonprofit charities and schools, this six year old public charity has already granted over

$ 2.3 million dollars through funds held by donors at the community foundation as well as the foundation’s own community impact fund from which the above grants were made.


For further information as well as guidelines on its grant making, visit www.coastalgeorgiafoundation.org. 

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