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What To Do Once You’ve Determined Your Eligibility

Once you have thoroughly reviewed our Grant Eligibility Requirements and determined your project meets our criteria, you must submit a proposal in the specific format provided. Click here to submit a Proposal.


Please click here for additional Frequently Asked Questions.

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Important Dates to Remember

Proposal Deadlines:  Proposals must be received by December 1st for Spring Grant Cycles and June 1st for Fall Grant Cycles.  Click here for eligibility information.

Application Due Dates:  Proposals selected for further review will be sent applications.  These applications would be due February 1st for Spring Grant Cycles and August 1st for Fall Grant Cycles.

Grant Status Report Due Dates:  Applicants receiving funds are required to submit written progress reports by December 15th and June 15th of each year in a format provided by the Foundation.  In addition, a final report must be provided upon completion of the project.

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